Why do we write?

When ad hoc alliances form between young, energetic minds of various professions, thoughts and ideas form with potential energy to upset the status quo. When people from diverse backgrounds connect and bring their unconventional experiences, expertise, and passion to the table, they cannot and should not be contained


If conversations in Boston’s Green Dragon Tavern of the 1770s stopped at the tavern doors, where would we be today?


The heroes of the American Revolution talked, debated, and penned thoughts on paper to spread their ideas. Ideas cultivated amongst like-minded people will remain small and will not move the status quo. However, thoughts on paper exposed to a diverse forum become ideas that ripple through society and impact the culture. 


We believe it is important to write. This blog is some of the conversations we have taken the time to write down to spread and diversify the conversation. DEF started as a series of blog posts and we aim to continue the tradition of sharing innovative ideas to slowly move the needle of national security culture. We want the disruptive thinking to continue and so, we write and publish these stories and ideas in hopes that you will join the conversation.


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The Defense Entrepreneurs Forum inspires, connects and empowers people by convening events, forging partnerships and delivering tangible solutions. We do this in order to promote a culture of innovation in the U.S. national security community.

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