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What is an Agora?

An agora was a central public space in ancient Greek city-states. This translates into DEF as a group of virtuous insurgents who collaborate and discuss ways to push forward innovative and disruptive ideas. These gatherings create the opportunity to interact and connect with fellow military and veteran entrepreneurs to push ideas forward to advance national security.


Originally called "Drink and Thinks," these events are much more than drinking, thinking, and exchanging business cards. There is a unique power in informal networks created by personal interactions. Local DEF events are intended to build the relational networks we need to make an impact and promote meaningful change. We break down events into a couple different categories:

Drink & Think events are networking events that are open to the public that usually feature a panel or speaker at an open venue.

Link & Learn events are networking events that are open to the public where people can gain a tangible skill or receive a single keynote from a culture change-agent in NatSec.

Workshops are for members only and are curated events where local Agoras leverage high-impact relationships and give members access to strategy and implementation plans for influencing NatSec culture towards greater innovation. Keeping these events within DEF membership allows us to explore off-the-record opportunities unavailable publicly, and also increase the value proposition of becoming a DEF member.

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Agora Lead Resources

(these links require approval for access - if you get a 404 Error, make sure you are signed-in with your DEF or other approved email in your browser)

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