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In pursuit of our mission to address emerging threats to our national security, DEF will host
DEFx events.

DEFx Events

Critical to the health and vibrancy of the Defense Entrepreneurs Forum community is convening stakeholders in ways that promote friendship and the opportunity to forge strong, authentic relationships. It is the trusted nature of the DEF network that allows the community to exert impact throughout the national security community writ large. 

DEFx evolutions will be smaller, more curated gatherings held over the course of two to three days around set objectives or challenge sets. They will be held both domestically and internationally and will, by invitation, bring select groups together to tackle deeply nuanced problems.


As with all DEF events, the intent is to unite stakeholders from across the national security, intelligence, diplomatic and entrepreneurial spheres to bring a unique lens to challenges being addressed.


DEFx + Mexico

May 3 - 6, 2024 (Complete)

DEFx Mexico Objective: Develop a fellowship cultural exchange program to expose our younger enlisted, Junior Officers and national security civilians to the realities of working with our allies in an effective and culturally empathetic manner, which requires approaches outside of current training doctrine.

Follow us to learn more about the outcomes of the event.

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