What is Hopper?

Hopper is a small team of DEF volunteers who are focused on solving problems for the national security community. We are on a mission to deliver value in the form of actionable solutions. Hopper is a national program that any member of DEF can join. The program supports DEF’s mission by “creating tangible solutions” to national security challenges.

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How does it work?

A DEF member or problem sponsor from within the national security enterprise brings a challenge to the Hopper Team, commits to support as the problem owner for the project’s duration, and identifies the desired product (briefing, report, prototype, or implementation plan). The Hopper team will consider all aspects of the problem by conducting round table discussions, interviews, focused working groups, and/or design sprints to leverage the DEF community. During these efforts, the Hopper Team will work with appropriate DEF members to develop the final product and present the findings to the sponsor.

hopper team

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our work

Hopper Workshop on “Workforce Now” DIB Recommendations

The First Hopper Workshop: What We Learned and What Happens Next

Are you a DEF member or sponsor looking to be a part of a Hopper project?  

Contact us at Hopper@DEF.org

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