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DEF is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization run by a team of 100% volunteers. This means that all donations go directly back to our members in the form of national programs and services that provide opportunities to inspire, connect and empower!


As we continue to implement the DEF 3.0 evolution and focus on that critical “empowering” members to change the culture in the national security ecosystem, we recognize the need to provide real value back to our members. Proceeds from membership fund key programs like the Firestarters Fellowship, support the IT architecture for Hopper Program, provide financial flexibility to support down payments for events, implement Community Advisory initiatives, and support new pilot programs created by and for you, our members! 

As both a community and volunteer-run non-profit, we rely heavily on tools and processes that promote collaboration and transparency. We currently use the Standard version of Slack with costs about $1/user as a non-profit.


That gets expensive and so we recently conducted an experiment using to turn off Slack (more about that test). It turned out, the tool provides a great benefit to our members and we want to keep it turned on.

If you or your organization also would like to contribute, we have a specific link for giving donations specifically towards the cost of Slack. Thank you for your support and look forward to collaborating!

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The Defense Entrepreneurs Forum inspires, connects and empowers people by convening events, forging partnerships and delivering tangible solutions. We do this in order to promote a culture of innovation in the U.S. national security community.


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